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  • WHAT IS THIS CUSHION FOR? It gives exceptional lumbar support for the relief of coccyx pain, sciatica, haemorrhoids, and pressure sores. It helps to relieve back pain during pregnancy and maternity as well.
  • USE ANYWHERE: Whether as a seat cushion for your office chair, as a car seat cushion or to make your wheelchair or garden chair more comfortable, there are no limits to using your Coccyx Comfort Cushion. Going to a show this weekend or embarking on a long car journey or flight? Take the cushion with you to increase comfort and reduce coccyx pain, sciatica, haemorrhoids, and pressure sores.
  • PAIN RELIEF: Do you sit for long periods at work or in the car? If yes, the Coccyx Comfort Cushion is the perfect choice to improve your wellbeing and health. The cushion provides pain relief for the spine and buttocks by shifting the tailbone when sitting and aligning the spine for healthy posture. The cushion also promotes good blood circulation, especially during long periods of sitting providing extremely comfortable sitting.
  • COMFORT: Modern Car and office seats can be very hard and uncomfortable causing a multitude of issues if you have to sit for a long period. This seat cushion makes any uncomfortable seat more pleasant and softer to sit in. The high quality foam core supports the lower back, promotes good posture, alleviates sciatica and corrects lumbar alignment.

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