We deal with some of the best Mobility providers in the UK.
We have a fantastic range of wheelchairs on offer, and are able to offer a bespoke service, matching the right type of wheelchair to your individual needs.
We can assess and advise on the range of brands and accessories making sure you find the right wheelchair for you.
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Self proppelled wheelchair
-These chairs have large wheels, enabling the occuant to move themselves, by pushing the rims of the wheels. They can also be used by an attendant.

Transit Wheelchair
These wheelchairs have smaller wheels and are designed to be used with an attendant.

Wheelchair powerpack
These can be fitted to any type of standard wheelchair. They are a small battery powered device, that moves the wheelchair for the attendant, taking  the physical pressure off the carer, using a control on the handle.

Electric Wheelchair
The chairs are powered by batteries and controlled with a joystick, by the occupant.

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