Domestic and Specialist Seating

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At Mills Mobility we are specialists in Seating. With all of our seating we assess your needs to match the right style and size of chair to your needs.

Our Domestic seating range is all UK manufactured and can be made in almost any shape and size. We start by Selecting a style of chair and measure the client to enable us to build a chair to the right Width, Depth, Height, Backstyle, Arm Height and from there we move on to a massive selection of fabrics to compliment your home. Please call us for more information or to arrange a no obligation home visit.
Mills Mobility are very pleased to be able to offer Kirton Specialist Care  Products.
Our assessor will come to you to determine which is the right chair from our large range that will best meet your requirements .All our chairs come in a choice of colours and materials to suit individual tastes., Please contact us if you would like to know more about the range of products we offer.

Kirton Duo

The Duo family of multi-positioning seating systems comprises the Duo Major, Duo Minor and Duo Mini. Their dynamic features provide the ultimate in positioning and postural management for those who are at risk of developing an unconventional body shape, unable to maintain a midline position and require additional support.
The adjustability of the Duo range ensures the core principles of seating are met in terms of correct seat height, seat depth, seat width, arm height and back height combined with key features like headrest angle adjustment, back angle recline, tilt-in-space and legrest elevation to create a supportive, yet comfortable seating solution.
Pressure relief can be integrated into the Duo chairs including the Intelli-Gel® Integral cushion for those at high risk or with a Grade II pressure injury. Alternatively the Duo enables the user to integrate their own pressure relieving cushion into the seat module of the chair or apply it to a flat seat board upon which it can be effectively used.

Kirton GEII

Representing a new generation of dynamic specialist chairs and underpinned by a scientific bio-mechanical research and ergonomic design principles, the G-2 is an uncomplicated yet sophisticated dynamic tilt-in-space chair providing superior postural support, exceptional positioning and outstanding comfort and pressure management.
This stylish chair has been designed to ensure that all the adjustments are simple and effective to meet the needs of carers as well as semi and non-ambulant users in a wide variety of care environments. From the fluidity of the tilt-in-space movement, the sweep of the arcing legrest through to the unique helical-motion of the lateral supports and the articulation of the anatomically moulded backrest, the G-2 achieves new levels of support and positioning, immersion and comfort. Choose from a range of seat modules depending on individual user’s pressure management requirements, or using your own pressure relieving seat cushion in the chair.

Kirton Florien II

A dynamic and highly mobile seating system, the Florien II enables greater independence by promoting correct posture and facilitating a supportive, comfortable seated position.  Unique to the Florien range is the removable arms facilitating side transfer and easy hoist access whilst the negative forward tilt assists with standing transfers.
Unique features including an ergonomically moulded backrest and modern styling make this an excellent solution for a wide variety of users and environments.

Kirton Florien Elite

With both tilt-in-space and back angle recline functionality the Florien Elite also has a choice of two backrests, Waterfall or Contoured to meet the needs of different care settings
The unique dynamic upholstered arms float across the seat to achieve the appropriate seat width for each user. Moreover these arms have the ability to swivel backwards to effect a side transfer or easier hoist access.
With a host of options and accessories to choose, the Florien Elite is a most versatile seating solution