The Uccello Kettle was specifically designed for those with limited reach, mobility, dexterity, and strength. Unlike other kettles and kettle-tippers, the circular shape of our Uccello Kettle, moves around the body of water to create a smooth effortless pour, so you don’t have to lift, strain or balance – simply tilt to pour.

With a wide opening for easy filling, quiet boiling and auto shut-off protection from overheating, the Uccello Kettle offers you independence and safety when handling boiling water.

Designed with the unique practical assistive technology, the Uccello’s non-weight bearing tilt and pour action from its handle directs hot water to the fixed position of the cup – all without removing the Kettle from its cradle. It’s removable vessel with safe grip handle allows for optional hand-held pour and water refill. The Uccello’s large, hinged lid with wide spout allows easy water-fill. It also gives great access for cleaning and steady pour amount. All the safety features are built in with the power-on light indicating when the Kettle is boiling and it comes equipped with safety shut-off feature.

How does it help?

The Uccello Kettle is a practical assistive technology that makes pouring a kettle feel light and effortless. The Kettle is positioned and shaped ergonomically. Uccello’s weight is distributed across the entire arm, not on fingers & wrists, which makes it easier to handle comfortably. The Uccello restores confidence and independence for anyone who wishes to handle boiling hot water safely.