Foot Cleaner with Pumice

The Foot Cleaner with Pumice is the ideal bathing aid for those with limited mobility or people that cannot reach their feet.

Suction cups on the underside hold the Foot Cleaner safely and firmly in place, even in the shower or bath, whilst the top has two areas with gentle bristles that help to clean the user’s feet. Simply pour liquid soap onto the bristle area and scrub away. The pumice stone in the centre of the Foot Cleaner gently exfoliates and massages the foot.

Product Specification
  • One Foot Cleaner with Pumice
  • Ideal for those with limited mobility and flexibility
  • Cleans feet without the need for bending
  • Suction cups provide stability and security
  • Scrubbing bristles clean feet effectively
  • Pumice for tough, hardened skin
  • Foot Cleaner length: 280mm (11″)
  • Foot Cleaner width: 157mm (6.25″)
  • Foot Cleaner height: 32mm (1.25″)